Who We Are

Federated Church is a dynamic, welcoming, Christ-centered church of more than 200 families from over 30 Christian faith traditions—a diverse and accepting community where individual belief and vibrant faith community meet.  Federated encourages all to grow in love and service by sharing individual passions while seeking to share the gospel of Jesus Christ together.  We aspire to be a place where you can learn to better seek God by imitating Jesus Christ, who exemplifies divine human relationships.  Toward this end, we seek to assist all in becoming life-long Bible learners, developing habits to fulfill God’s promise and by creating an environment of free inquiry where all can contribute to our efforts to understand and respond to God.


Fostering Free Inquiry:

 At Federated Church, we are diverse in opinion, but united in Christ.  Indeed, we believe the more faith perspective that can be brought to bear on a subject, the better it will be understood for the good of us all.  You are invited to be a part of opportunities to come together, share our various points of view and be one with God and with each other.


Practicing the Spiritual Disciplines:

 Internal habits like mediation, prayer, fasting and study; external habits like simplicity, solitude, submission, and service; and shared disciplines such as confession, worship, guidance, and celebration, are an essential part to spiritual growth.

Our Vision:

Our prayer is that every person entering our doors will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to face the world with hope and joy. Our vision is to spread the love of Jesus through:

  • Small group ministries building strong relationships.
  • Supporting the helping agencies and services of our community.
  • Actively identifying mission projects that involve the whole congregation in meaningful service.

Explore this website or contact us directly to learn about how our church family can enhance your sense of the sacred.