Journey with John

I don’t have many memories of my Dad.  I was only six when he went to be with God.  But, oh, the few I have are so satisfying.  One of my earliest recollections is sailing through the air and landing in my Dad’s waiting arms.  Whenever my Uncle Mark was in town, he and my Dad would play catch… and I was the ball!  Even after all these years, I can feel the thrill of flying through space into his strong embrace.  I can still hear him laugh, as he said, “Well, where did you come from?”   I would shriek with delight and cry, “Do it again!  Do it again!”  Looking back, I don’t know what was more satisfying – that wild moment of exhilaration when I defied the laws of gravity and hung breathlessly in mid-air or the absolute confidence I had knowing my father was there waiting to receive me.  Both were powerful.  What a liberating experience it was.  I hope my Dad knew what an extraordinary gift he gave me in those early flying lessons… to see life as an adventure in wonder and joy.  I will be forever grateful….

I haven’t thought about being “airborne” for a long time, but it’s been a recurring visitor the last few days.  I tend to get that soaring sensation whenever I plunge into a new adventure.  This week, Cherilyn and I have flown with our son, Adam, to a place we’ve long dreamed of spending time exploring.  I’ve always been fascinated with Ireland, the land of leprechauns and pots of gold.    We are enjoying this beautiful land as you are reading this.  I admit to feeling like I did as a small boy sailing through the air – a bit giddy and giggly.  What a ride!  And then, I have that absolute confidence of knowing I’ll be returning to the comfort and security of this home I love so much.  What a great place to be in one’s life!

I have similar feelings about the Church right now.  Christ’s holy church is sailing into a new time of ministry.  It is an exhilarating time to be a Christian – so many challenges and adventures to claim!  The Holy Spirit is moving among us as we explore new areas of service together.  We’re seeking God’s will and how it will play out as we grow as a community committed to praise, compassion, peace, justice and joy.  Like that energizing “airborne” feeling of childhood, there is a joyful excitement about where we’re flying together.  I don’t know exactly how far or just where it will take us, but what a ride!  And then, there is that blissful confidence that ultimately we will land in the waiting arms of God!…  I am so very grateful that at such a young age, my Dad taught me to fly!



Pastor John