Journey with John

One of the things so powerfully portrayed in the Gospels is Jesus’ consistency.  Whether it was Zacchaeus in the tree, Nicodemus at midnight, the disciples on fighting a stormy sea, a multitude of thousands needing to be fed, or a sick woman brushing against Him in a crowd seeking healing – Jesus noticed.  He observed the need, acted on it, always going beyond the physical to the condition of the soul.  Jesus was consistent on his quest to grow the human soul.  It was his first priority for all people, to help them meet God’s hopes for their lives.  Who but Jesus could see reckless Peter as a foundation on which to build His Church?  Who but Jesus could inspire a devoted scholar like Paul, rooted in history and law, into a teacher of freeing the spirit through God’s perfect love?  Who but Jesus could see beyond the sin to the potential in every human heart?  It was because Jesus was a “soul man.”  He recognized that it is the soul that defines human life, so he concentrated on the soul.

We see it in the intimate way he had with people.  Jesus called disciples to spend time with him in the warmth of fellowship – eating, singing, sharing life together.  Jesus studied with them – painting a clearer picture of God to inspire, excite and challenge them to live beyond what they thought possible.  Jesus shared intimately and without restraint his deepest desires and hopes for them.  Jesus prayed consistently with them, showing them how to be in in loving communion with God.  Jesus grew their souls….

I believe Jesus continues to love the human soul and wants nothing more than to see them grow.  It’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about our “Soul Group” ministry that is beginning in Lent.  I’m excited because our whole intent is to grow our souls through: 1) warm fellowship; 2) deep study; 3) sharing intimately our dreams and needs; and 4) to pray consistently together.  Twenty-eight have made the commitment to gather for this holy purpose.  I believe it will bind us together in love in a new way.  I believe it will be a successful ministry because it is patterned after Jesus’ example.  I believe our numbers will grow because of the souls changed and enlarged.  If you are not participating this round, please pray for God’s blessing to this ministry.  If you are participating, be open to Jesus working on your soul.  I think we’re beginning a holy ministry that will change us for God’s glory.  Praise God!


Pastor John