Journey with John

Friday, I’m getting new shocks for my car.  They reduce the bumps you feel as you drive.  I don’t think about shocks very much, until they’re not working.  Currently, they are not performing well and I’m noticing the ruts in the road.  By the time you read this, the new shocks will be installed and my path will again be smooth and carefree – a rather easy fix.  But not all bumpy roads are so quickly restored.  It’s a sobering realization….

Last Monday, I took some friends to Riley Hospital for a test.  While waiting, I couldn’t help noticing the throng of children and parents anticipating a visit with their doctors.  Each one faced some unforeseen bump in the road of life.  Some of these lovely children were confined to wheelchairs.  Some were tiny infants.  Still others had difficulty speaking.  Two lovelies were deaf.  And on goes the list – all bumps in the road to “full” life.  My heart went out to them, so young and facing such deep ruts in their journey.  It seemed so unfair.  I wondered how they cope.  And, my attention was drawn to their parents.  For the most part, they looked tired and a bit overwhelmed.  I needed to look a bit deeper.  One child in a wheelchair had no control over her movements.  She was flailing about and burst out with strange noises.  Her parents looked worn, but in their eyes was this TOTAL love for their child – no embarrassment or sadness, just LOVE, to which their daughter responded as you would expect – with JOY.  I saw the same look countless times.  I was in awe.  These parents absorbed the bumps, loving the children enough to see their perfection.  It was beautiful….  But, who served as the “shock” absorbers for their parents?  The answer came as doctors and nurses came out to receive their patients.  They came warmly greeting the children, and they assured the hopeful parents.  You saw the gratitude as they straightened with renewed confidence.  I was talking with a Mom about where she finds her help.  She said, “My son!  I look at what he faces each day with such courage and determination and I am empowered.” 

It is a lovely circle – parent caring for child, doctor caring for both, child caring for parent.  I could feel God smiling in adoration….  My car will be fixed on Friday, not true for these kids, but their “bumps” are absorbed with love and devotion – not unlike how we are absorbed by the love and devotion of Christ who makes the road a little less bumpy.  I’m grateful for the ones who even out the road.  Blessings on your journey!


Pastor John