Journey with John

Life is a journey that leads us to walk unknown paths.  Each one has its blessings and joys that take us to new heights of growth and wonder.  I’m so grateful that one of the paths Federated Church chose to take was one that led to the ministry of Pastor Mia Smith with us.  How richly blessed we’ve been by her warm spirit that shines the love of Christ.  How our live have been enriched by her wisdom and compassion that have guided us to search for justice with integrity.  How we have grown as she has encouraged us to express our faith in ways that reflect who we are, bringing honor to God.  How grateful we are that our paths have crossed.  We are stronger for our time together.  Thank you, Pastor Mia!  And, as happens so often, life’s journey leads us to new paths that call us.  God has called Pastor Mia to take a new path in her life’s journey.  How beautifully she will touch and enlarge the lives of the residents at University Place.  May you know God’s guidance as you move down this new path.  Blessings and thanks for all you are to us, Pastor Mia.  We have grown because of you….  Joyce Rupp has written a lovely poem for all of us walking down new paths of service and I think it reflects Pastor Mia’s heart as she has ministered to us.  Rupp writes:

            Delight of my Heart, your joy echoes in my life.
            I relish this happy transition now shaping my days.
            With the welcoming path before me, I receive the promise of a new vista,
            The benediction of an open road, the pledge of an unfolding adventure.
            Breath of Freshness, my spirit expands and revives.
            I taste the air of happiness and breathe in welcomed newness.
            You stir up hope-filled dreams, restore my belief in all that is good.
            You draw me toward contentment and open the door to deeper trust.
            How blessed is this passage of time when confidence pervades my spirit
            And peace permeates my mind.  I move forward with assurance.
            Liberating Spirit, soaring with freedom in my soul,
            I fly with the gift of newfound hope, my inner wings stretching wide.
            Faithful Companion, carry me in your abiding love.
            Thank you for leading me closer to that which encourages my growth.
            Source of Joy, you give me the gift of gladness. 
            Thank you for this blessed transition and the chance to enter life more fully.

Pastor Mia, we send you with our prayers of gratitude and joy, knowing that this new path is one God is calling you to take.  We send you with love and gratitude and hope and joy.  May the path be filled with blessings of peace.



Pastor John and your loving friends at Federated Church