Journey with John

It’s been on my home “to do” list for some time.  Actually, it was a substitute for a project I had planned to do last Saturday.  It seemed like the right time had come (meaning I had no excuses!).  After mowing our grass, I got out the materials needed to repaint the frame to our front porch.  Opened what I thought was the right can, only to discover it was the bright maroon color for our front door.  We didn’t have the paint I needed….  Since I’d already put on my painting clothes, I redirected my energies to the dining room wall in need of some tender loving care.  Found the right paint, laid out my needed supplies, took things off the wall and took off plug and light switch covers and began….

It wasn’t a huge wall, but it seemed to grow by the minute as I carefully painted around all the trim and by the ceiling, so I could use the roller for the rest.  When our house was built, the interior received a coat of flat paint which looks fine until it picks up some of that “lived in love” look which shows dirt and signs of wear.  Slowly, (emphasis on the SLOW…), we’ve been repainting rooms using a satin finish.  The results are subtle but definite changes are made.  After 2 ½ hours, I finished the trim work without spilling or making any mistakes.  Then, got the roller, thinking it would be a breeze now and immediately spilled some paint.  Cleaned it up… finally covered the wall… sat down… and it looked “messy.”  Tired and a tad grumpy, I washed out my brushes, cleaned up and gave my “It’s as good as it’s gonna get” shrug and went to watch TV.  An hour later, I went to the kitchen to fix my dinner and was thrilled to see the wall had dried to a beautiful even texture with just a hint of a shine.  Gone were the scuffs and marks of abuse.  I thought it was BEAUTIFUL!  You probably couldn’t tell which wall I’d done, but to me who knew the wall before, it was rather amazing.  I was pleased with the transformation….  Only trouble is I looked around and saw other walls singing for attention….

My painting experience reminds me a bit of my spiritual life.  I have these projects for self-improvement on my list that get put aside until the time is right.  Sometimes the need I see is avoided because I don’t have the right tools to care for it, so I move on to another and it takes some hard work and often looks a bit “messy,” but God breathes on it and I’m somehow better – my life – brighter, more hopeful, more joyful.  And, there’s always more to work on, but it will happen for God is part of the process.  I’m excited to see where the next needed change will be.  Like my home, the upkeep on my soul is ongoing.  So thankful I don’t do it alone.  Thank you, Lord….



Pastor John