Journey with John

I am so grateful to our trustees who take such good care of our beautiful building and grounds.  It is a huge responsibility that they tackle with grace and dedication, giving tremendous amounts of time and energy.  I offer a shout-out of gratitude to:  Val Brock, Mike Gibson, Bill Griggs, Nancy Morlan, Jim Rawlings – Chair, David Reif and Orlo Shoop – treasurer!  You are AMAZING! It is a largely thankless job, but these fine people gladly take care of the demands our home continually brings.  Thank you!

Most recently, they’ve undertaken the huge job of re-roofing our sanctuary, and, an accompanying project was to bring new life to our steeple and cross.  Quite honestly, I never paid much attention to either.  Occasionally, I would think they looked worn and tired, but speaking from experience, that just comes with age!  It hit me that I took them for granted, failing to recognize the majestic message they bring to our community.  It is a message of hope and righteous power that they offer to a world in need of those gifts.  Maybe, our message gets a bit tarnished and dull at times.  Maybe, the ills of the world loom so large, we overlook the Good News that is still ours in Jesus Christ.  But, our faithful trustees could not allow the message to grow stagnant.  They had the steeple and cross cleaned and repainted.  It now proudly directs one’s gaze to the beauty of the heavens above and the truth of Christ’s triumph over evil.  Now, as I pull up to our church building, the first thing I notice is an empty cross reaching out to save.  It sings of our resurrected Lord.  I am renewed, revived, restored!  A lovely hymn, “Lift High the Cross,” sings to the proud witness of our steeple and cross.

Lift high the cross; the love of Christ proclaim.  Till all the world adore His sacred name.
Come, Christians, follow where our Savior trod, Our King victorious, Christ, the Son of God.  Led on their way by this triumphant sign,

The hosts of God in conquering ranks combine.
O Lord, once lifted on this glorious tree, As Thou hast promised,
draw all to Thee.  For thy blest cross which doth for all atone,
Creation’s praises rise before Thy throne.
Lift high the cross; the love of Christ proclaim.  Till all the world adore His sacred name.

How grateful I am to our trustees and to the witness of our church – lifting high the cross of Jesus showing all its resurrection power and forever hope.  Praise God!



Pastor John