Journey with John

Mr. Cofer was my high school choir director.  I admired and respected him deeply.  He introduced me to good choral music and I am grateful.  Frequently, as we began a song, he would say, “Heads up!” – meaning – get your eyes out of the music and watch!  There was good reason for that command.  With a choir of 65 high schoolers, you had to pay attention to the director to get the rhythm right, and the mood right, and the loudness or softness right.  If you failed to watch, you might end up with an unplanned solo or be a few beats behind and never catch up.  So, whenever Mr. Cofer said “Heads up,” we did so, enabling us to make beautiful music together.

It was a valuable lesson that was good advice for much of life.  “Heads up” meant you were looking upward and forward, so you could avoid any obstacles in your path.  “Heads up” was a call to look for direction and recognize teachers who could give you good tools and information that would enhance life.  “Heads up” empowered you to always be alert to the challenges around, keeping you from being buried by excuses.  “Heads up” was a summons to look up and see the possibilities instead of looking down and being trapped by too narrow a view.

I don’t know the reason, I wasn’t here when it was named, but I can’t think of a better name for our ministry of caring to at-risk youth at Country Villa than Heads UP.  For a long time now, young people at Country Villa have been blessed by dedicated volunteers who have lovingly said, “Heads up!”  “Heads up” to the opportunities God places before us…. “Heads up” so you can receive direction from people who truly care….  “Heads up” to the possibilities for personal growth through education….  What a powerful ministry our Heads Up has been to countless students of various ages and to their families.  It is a ministry that encourages struggling young people to keep their heads up, always looking for the next step in becoming all God has planned.  THANKS to ALL our volunteers through the years!  Heads Up continues to thrive.  In recent years, supplies and special events have been funded through grants that have run out, so you are invited to support this great ministry with a gift of your own.  Just mark it, “Heads Up,” and it will go to support these fine young people.  Thank you!  With heads up and eyes fixed on our divine Director, we will make beautiful music together!


Pastor John