Journey with John

A little boy was selling pencils door to door for a nickel each.  He greeted a woman at the door and began his sales pitch.  He said, “Ma’am, would you like to buy one or two pencils from me?  I’m selling these pencils at a nickel apiece to help build a $30 million hospital for our community.”  She smiled and replied, “That’s a mighty big job for just one boy selling pencils.”  He then smiled and sang out with confident enthusiasm, “Oh, Ma’am, I’m not doing it all by myself.  You see that boy across the street?  He’s my partner.  We’re doing this together!”   Isn’t that a refreshing attitude?  It’s the kind of attitude that gets big stuff DONE!  And since you’re not doing it alone, the pressure is greatly reduced.

Little boys selling pencils… building the future for their community.  It’s what the church is all about.  Doing something for the community that builds a future.  It’s never done alone.  We do it side by side and the load is easier and seems doable.  And, of course, we have divine help.  The collective energy of every believer is empowered by God.  I love this little boy’s enthusiasm and his confidence that he can do this great thing.  I believe that we in the church can do amazing things as well and are doing them right now!  l see so many beautiful things being built as you share your excitement and joy at Federated Church.  I see bridges of trust constructed through your loving, accepting welcome of all people.  I see windows of opportunity open up as you pool your many gifts and work together to provide the encouragement people need to grow.  I see stairways of hope leading upwards to greater things being fashioned in your faithful resolve to share God’s love with all.  You’re making ripples that will change the world.  Ann Weems has written a poem that describes you and the work of Christ’s Church so very well.

O God, as one stone makes ripples out into the water

please take my gift and multiply it out into the world to feed your sheep.

And God, help me to listen

For the wings of your Heavenly Dove

That the size of my heart should be multiplied,

That its love might ripple out and touch lepers by your name.

O God, who works through us

And does so much more than we could ever ask for or think of,

to you the glory rippling out

forever and ever.

Amen!  Amen!!

Love,  Pastor John