The organ is broken and needs repair. Currently it is still working due to a fix by a toothpick!  It is unknown how long the “toothpick fix” will last.

We have several choices and would like your feedback by March 7.

 1. Do not repair the organ and eventually become a piano only congregation.

 2. Purchase a digital organ for $35,615.00

 3. Restore the current pipe organ for $144,115.00   (In stages:  1st- $26,480.00, then $117,635.00 over a period of time.  There are 850 pipes).

 Of the three choices, do you have an opinion upon which would be best for Federated Church?  Please click on SUBMIT at the end to complete.

Organ Option Selections

  • 1- Do not repair 2 - Replace with digital organ 3 - Restore organ over time