Pastor Dusty Cowell’s sermon series for January has been titled, “A Happier You”. Psalm 41:1-3

  1. “Happiness is found in no obstacles.
  2. Happiness is found when seeing the needs of the less fortunate.
  3. Happiness is found when people are intentional about who they share their life with.
  4. Happiness is found when people meditate.
  5. Happiness is found when people confess their sin.

It has been very enjoyable to listen to him preach on this topic. In fact “what makes me happy” is listening and taking notes on the message and reflecting on how I can incorporate his sermons into my everyday life.   Rereading and praying about the message has been very rewarding for me.

Writing makes me happy.  I love to journal – for me it is a powerful tool.  It gives me the chance to express freely what is on my mind and then later I can reread my thoughts and notes when I need a reminder.  Journaling may not make you happy – as Dusty has stated in one of his sermons, “What makes you happy, will not make everyone happy”.  There are many other ways to reflect on and practice the lesson from each week’s sermon.  Perhaps when you listen to the message from this series you can take away three items and focus on them and reflect on them for the week. Instead of journaling, you can write them in your planner, put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, or discuss them over a meal with family.

 Our bible is an amazing gift from God.  Why not read a scripture a week?  As our former Pastor John Williams has said, “scripture is a guidebook for living”.

 Blessings and love to you!

 Lisa Schwingendorf laughing