9/30/2018  Don’t Lose Your Flavor  (Rev. Timothy James)  (audio) (video)

9/23/30/2018  Walking Together  (Rev. Cochran, Reed & Williams)  (audio) (video)

9/16/2018  The Face of God  (Rev. John Williams)  (audio) (video)

9/9/2018  Champions for Christ!  (Rev. John Williams) (audio) (video)

9/2/2018 Be Doers! (Rev. John Williams) (audio) (video)

8/26/2018 Armed and Ready (Rev. John Williams) (audio) (video)

8/19/2018 Make the Most of Your Time (Rev. John Williams) (audio) (video)

8/12/2018 Imitation Can Be a Positive (Rev. John Williams) (audio) (video)

8/5/2018 Bread – for Life! (Rev. John Williams) (audio) (video)