12/02/2018  A New Day! (Rev. John Williams)  (audio) (video)

11/25/2018  Testify!  (Rev. John Williams)    (audio)   (video)

11/18/2018  What’s Really Mine?  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio) (video)

11/11/2018  Kingdom of God like WHAT? (Rev. Michael Johnson) (audio) (video)

11/4/2018  Sacrifice or Survival?  (Rev. John Williams)  (audio) (video)

10/28/2018  Faith Has Made You Well  (Rev. John Williams)  (audio) (video)

10/21/2018  The Right Note  (Rev. John Williams)  (audio) (video)

10/14/2018 That One Thing (Rev. John Williams) (audio) (video)

10/07/2018 Redeem the Soul of Christianity (Rev. Rodney Lynch) (audio) (video)

9/30/2018  Don’t Lose Your Flavor  (Rev. Timothy James)  (audio) (video)

9/23/30/2018  Walking Together  (Rev. Cochran, Reed & Williams)  (audio) (video)

9/16/2018  The Face of God  (Rev. John Williams)  (audio) (video)

9/9/2018  Champions for Christ!  (Rev. John Williams) (audio) (video)

9/2/2018 Be Doers! (Rev. John Williams) (audio) (video)