6/30/2019  The Call of Freedom  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

6/23/2019   Heirs to the Promise   (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

6/16/2019   Poured to Overflowing   (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

6/9/2019  Carry On!  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

6/2/2019  We’re #1!  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

5/26/2019  Sermon   (Ben Thomas)   (audio)   (video)

5/19/2019 The Faith of Second Chances (Rev. Dr. Gary Reif w/ Gary Tyner)   (audio)   (video)

5/12/2019  Feed Them All  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

5/5/2019  Just Do It!    (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

4/28/2019  No Witness Protection  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   

4/21/2019  (Easter)  You Just Missed Him! (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

4/14/2019  One Day  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

4/7/2019  The Fragrance Lingers  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

3/31/2019  Reconcile the World  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

3/24/2019  Two by Two  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

3/17/2019  Heavenly Citizenship (Rev. John Williams)  (audio)   (video)

3/10/2019  Temptation (Rev. John Williams)  (audio)   (video)

3/3/2019  Beloved!  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

2/24/2019  Even Sinners Do That!  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

2/17/2019  Blessings and Warnings  (Rev. John Williams)  (audio)   (video)

2/10/2019  Gone Fishing  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

2/3/2019  Perfection  (Rev. John Williams)   (audio)   (video)

1/27/2019  Bended Knees  (Rev. John Williams)  (audio)   (video)

1/20/2019  Spirit Gifts  (Rev. John Williams)  (audio)   (video)

1/13/2019  My Beloved  (Rev. John Williams)  (audio)   (video)

1/6/2019    Fear Fails, Joy Frees  (Rev. John Williams)    (audio)   (video)

12/30/2018  What Are You Looking For?  (Rev. John Williams)  (audio)   (video)

12/24/2018  Christmas Eve – Living IN the Story  (Rev. John Williams) (audio)   (video)

12/23/2018   Lost to the Finer Things  (Rev. John Williams) (audio)  (video)

12/16/2018  No sermon, Choir’s Love Has Come  (video)

12/09/2018  No sermon, Children’s Christmas Program

12/02/2018  A New Day! (Rev. John Williams)  (audio) (video)