Members Comment About Federated:


“What I love about Federated Church is the community’s willingness to do anything for one another.”


“I value the welcoming nature of Federated. Where you’re from, what you have, and who you know are not important to us. Only the fact that you are here with us to worship is important to us. Whoever you are, you are welcome.”


I enjoy Federated Church because it feels like family to me. I believe God sent me to this church to be encouraged and to encourage others.


“About ten years ago, those at Federated Church opened their arms and welcomed me when I moved here from Albuquerque. I feel a renewed joy worshipping at Federated and being involved in the many community missions of our church.”



“Federated Church is family to me, some older, some my age, some younger, incredible people all! I’ve especially enjoyed the fellowship in small groups.”


“Spiritual Nourishment helps keep me going. I find it at Federated Church.”


“Federated to me is family. Its’ a warm hug in a time when we cannot hug each other.”


“I enjoy the feeling of belonging to a family with Federated. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and appreciative in our involvement. As a mother, I love that my daughter loves her Sunday School class.”

“Nice people to work with in my retirement years.  The volunteer role fills a void in my life.”


“Federated has been my church home for more than half a century. Sometimes you grow best where your roots are deepest. I have been supported through life’s ups and downs, never felt judged and have always been loved unconditionally.”



“Federated people open their arms in acceptance and love to everyone who walks through the doors of the church. They are living their faith out every day, and I love being a part of that shared journey!”