Journey with John

“Champions for Christ: Many Hands, One Team, One Mission” is a perfect theme for our 70th Anniversary.  It captures the spirit of Federated Church that has always placed Christ at the center of its life.  True champions for Christ, participants at Federated Church, have for 70 years freely given their time, their leadership skills, their servant hearts, their inclusive love to following the gospel of Jesus Christ.  That commitment has not only blessed members, but those in our community and beyond.  Federated has been and continues to be a shining light of faith, largely because many capable hands have worked hard to build one team of servants determined to live the mission of Christ’s Church.  What a privilege to join this shared life of faith.

I have enjoyed all the pieces needed in preparing for our anniversary.  I love the pictures of multi-generational families posted in the hallway leading to Trimmer Hall.  It is a distinguished storybook of Federated’s “Who’s Who!”  I have so enjoyed the history shelves helping us remember the strengths of our Associate pastors, Youth leaders and education directors.  The artwork displayed in Trimmer showcases the talents of our current younger adults who give so much to our church.  I love the mums and pansies in the sanctuary that sing we are a growing and ever-blooming congregation.  But, my favorite feature has to be the hands displayed on the windows leading to worship.

It is the many hands representing all ages, backgrounds, colors, talents working together that bring life to Federated Church.  I give thanks for your hands that make sure our mission is fulfilled.  I love the small, youthful hands that carry the light of Christ into our worship and then out into the world.  I love the seasoned hands that come to mow our grass, care for our building, reach out to at-risk youth in the community, prepare meals and wash dishes, pass out bulletins and shake hands with our visitors.  I love that your hands reach out to embrace everyone regardless of age, political belief, or those who look differently.  I love to watch your hands working together in service to children, the poor, the invalid.  Your many hands joined together is the reason Federated Church has thrived for 70 years!  Thank you.  Federated Church, you are indeed Champions for Christ with many hands, one team, one mission.  You honor our Savior.  God love you one and all!


Pastor John