Journey with John

One of the benefits of extending a celebration over several weeks is that it gives you an opportunity to recall so many things deserving prayerful attention.  As we rejoice and offer thanks for the 70 years of service Federated Church has shared, we realize we have formed strong ties with other institutions that have blessed, enhanced and enlarged our ministries.  One of those close partnerships Federated has cherished is with the community of Purdue University.  Countless professors, students, families from Purdue have found their way to Federated Church throughout the last seven decades.  How we have been enriched by their leadership.  How fortunate we’ve been to be fed by scholars and passionate students on issues of social justice and human need.  And what a gift it’s been to have a history with the Purduettes who through the years have been our welcomed guests and have ministered to our hungry spirits through their offering of beautiful music.  Some of their songs have been quiet and peaceful, others have been outrageously joyful, while still others have nurtured our souls with strength, hope and challenge.  We have been brought into the presence of God through their shared gift.  We are grateful!

What a privilege it is to welcome the Purduettes – a sign of our ties to the University – who lead us in worship through their offering of song.  Their notes of hope, peace and love move us to share our own melody of the soul.  Thank you for touching our lives in such a lovely way!  We all have a song to sing that the world needs to hear.  Plato once said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything….”  Music is an outburst of the soul that sings where words alone fail.  Music has the ability to speak to every heart and to set each one aflame.  As I think about 70 years of Federated history, my mind and heart are filled with the hymns of faith, lived out by the saints of our church.  Our music of love and life has flowed out into the world with its unifying harmonies.  Your song has made a difference!  I’m grateful to the lovely music we will hear from the Purduettes, music that touches and feeds the human soul, reminding us of our shared song of faith waiting to be heard.  Friends, may your minds continue to be filled by the melodies of God as you serve.  Plato also said, “Music to the mind is as air to the body….”  Oh, Federated Church – breathe in the richness of God’s love, and then, SING your song of faith with absolute joy!  Sing out strong – we’ve a story to tell….


Pastor John