Journey with John

It’s that time of year when our Nominating Committee is hard at work doing their essential task of securing leaders for the coming year.  I know how busy you are and how much you do in our community, but I pray that if you are asked to serve on a board or committee or as an officer, you might prayerfully consider saying YES to the opportunity.  Perhaps the following stories will help in your decision….

An older gentleman was sharing with obvious pleasure, some of his many satisfying experiences in his long tenure of office as the high school Sunday School teacher in his church.  It hadn’t all been easy or fun.  There had been some difficult times along the way when he wished he could “give it up.”  But now, as the end of his life was nearing, he finds great satisfaction in taking a hard job and having done it the best he could.  There was a tear in his eye as he concluded: “I’ve often thought of the day, so long ago, when the Sunday School superintendent asked me to take the class…  What if I had said NO!”  The man had learned a secret so many miss these days; we get no satisfaction or victory, no pleasure or reward from those opportunities we decline.  It’s the things we say yes to that provide the rich treasures that sustain life and make it enjoyable….

An old medieval legend tells of a knight, riding his horse one night, who was stopped in the darkness by a commanding voice crying: “Stop.  Get off your horse, reach down and fill your hands with whatever you can reach and put it in your knapsack.  Then mount and leave.  Tomorrow, you will be both glad and sad.”  The knight did as commanded.  In the darkness, he felt a pile of pebbles; grasped a handful; put them in his knapsack; remounted and rode off.  The next morning, he reached into his knapsack and felt the handful of pebbles.  He pulled them out to discover that they were diamonds.  And, as predicted, he was glad.  But, he was also sad he hadn’t picked up more.

Today many opportunities are offered to make your life useful to the kingdom of God.  You think of the discipline such jobs require, and the times you have to miss a pleasure trip, so you say no.  But one day you will find those heavy stones of responsibility you have carried have become diamonds.  And you will be both glad and sad – glad you gathered some diamonds along the way, and sad you didn’t pick up more…. Isn’t it the right time to say YES!  God is calling you to build Federated Church!


Pastor John