Jul 23, 2021 | Happenings

Trimmer Hall at 9:30 a.m..  Led by Bill and Nola DeWitt
Topics will vary and rotate based on feedback from class members. We will begin with the following topics adapted from the writings of Frederick Buechner.

August 1:   Love

August 8:  Joy

August 15: Hope

August 29:  Trust

August 22:  Faith

September 5:  Prayer

Frederick Buechner (b1926) is an American writer, novelist, poet, essayist, preacher, theologian, and ordained Presbyterian minister. His novels include A Long Day’s Dying and Godric (a finalist for the 1981 Pulitzer Prize).
On September 12, we will begin an in-depth study of prayer. We will both pray and learn how to pray. We will learn about prayer from the Bible and other sources. We will learn to pray individually and in community. And we will look at the “science of prayer.” In other words, we will look at recent scientific studies about the relationship between prayer and mental and physical health. Prayer topics will vary and rotate based on feedback from class members. Prayer topics could include those listed below and . . . well, whatever the class decides.

1.  Prayer Methods
2.  The Prayers of the Bible
3.  The Lord’s Prayer
4.  Prayer and Medical Science
5.  Prayer Categories: Petition, Intercession, Confession, Lament, Adoration, Thanksgiving

After the prayer study, future class topics could include Bible studies, spiritual growth, biographical studies, and book reviews..