Journey with John

After yet another senseless bloodbath in one of our public schools, leaving ten beautiful souls lifeless and devoid of a future – we grieve.  We grieve for lost innocence and futures that will never be.  The wailing of the angels is deafening….  After more horrifying violence erupted in the Holy Land where too many souls drew breath for the last time – we grieve over the ugly hate.  Jesus wept….  I am certain.  There are other tragedies plaguing our planet.  We ring our hands in despair, crying out for answers when there seem to be none.  It is a dark time in human existence when life is so devalued it is no longer held with reverence.  We weep and our hearts are hardened.

Perhaps this aching sadness and shame that overwhelms is why the story of a Prince taking a bride was so warmly embraced.  Estimates say two billion people observed the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan.  It was a beautiful moment as love was honored with elegance and dignity.  It was a needed moment as the world observed two people joyfully looking to the future together.  How captivating were their vows of commitment, said with such conviction, even as they felt the weight of responsibility falling on them for all those watching.  It was a holy moment as are all such moments when love reigns.  We needed a moment to rest in love’s call….  It gives us hope.

But hope is not reserved for royal weddings alone.  The seeds are all around us.  Just look at such a blessed moment among us on Pentecost Sunday.  Sarah Rawlings and her Kingdom Kids Class showed us the power of Christly love as they prepared shortcake and strawberries and then served us the rewards of their labor with such joy and dignity.  Their delight was found in serving!  They didn’t have to do it, but it filled them with love’s joy to reach beyond themselves.  Kudos to Sarah and all our teachers who plant such seeds in people’s hearts.  Kingdom Kids – YOU are AMAZING!  You lifted us from the darkness for a moment into the light of sacrificing love.  You give us reason to rejoice!

It just goes to show that good can lift us beyond the bad.  As one of the kids told me, “We NEED to do lots more of this kind of thing!”  Amen, my friend.  Love’s light will one day outshine hate’s darkness.  Whether it’s in royal weddings or children leading us to serve, there is HOPE!  Thanks Kingdom Kids, we need you….



Pastor John