Journey with John

Trying to wade through the “ocean of schmaltz” in the Hallmark section of Payless, I was searching for an appropriate Mother’s Day card for my wife who is a superb Mom.  I came home empty handed.  (Sorry, Cherilyn!)  I grumbled for the thousandth time about starting my own greeting card company.  None came close to explaining the awesome responsibilities of being a good Mom in today’s society.  The situations women are placed in today as mothers are not easy and must be so disheartening.

Is there an appropriate card, I wonder, for the mother who’s been deserted by her children’s father, left with the overwhelming task of giving them quality of life – alone?  Are there words to speak to her weariness as she dreams of a moment’s rest?…  Where is the proper card for the Third World mom who agonizes over her child’s malnourished state, not knowing when, or even if, there will be a next meal?  The card display at the grocery store seems gravely lacking….  What word of cheer is offered to the woman whose baby lives in the misery of a bombed-out-building caused by a war she cannot control?  in all my pursuing, I have not found a meaningful word for that woman….  Where is hope for the woman who wants quality education for her kids, but her skin is the wrong color and she lives on the wrong side of town?  Hallmark, where are you for her?

Please don’t get me wrong.  I believe we NEED a day of celebration – a thousand days would not be enough – for those strong and courageous women who sacrifice personal vision in favor of their child’s dream.  I wonder if there is not a better way to honor them than by buying overpriced and garish greeting cards?  It seems to me that the best gift we can bring our mothers is to grow into healthy, caring, intelligent adults who are determined to create a better world for our children!

What finer tribute could we offer than to give ourselves to building a world in which there are no hungry children or for men to pledge themselves forever to their wives?  What finer tribute than to bring to an end every hateful war that threatens the safety of a child or to provide every child with a future filled with promise?  The day we have a world of justice, equality, peace and hope – now THAT will be a Happy Mother’s Day!  Until then, I’ll keep up my search for the perfect card… no, I think instead I’ll seek the guidance of God that will help create a world fit for a mother’s love.  Thank you, Moms, everywhere!



Pastor John