2021 Church Officers & Boards

(Pending nominations and election)

Board secretaries:  Please send minutes of each meeting to  office@federatedchurch.net

Church Officers:                 

President:   Lynnette Biviano 

President-Elect:  Vacant

Secretary:   Sharon Williams

Treasurer:   Diane Byrd

Congregational Council At-Large:

Y2T2    Carolyn Jones

Y1T1    Patty Useem

Y2T1    Clay Albertson

Y1T1    Vacant

ad hoc  Glenna Johnson

Congregational Council Minutes

Board of Trustees

Y2T1    Mike Gibson

Y3T1    Bill Griggs

Y3T1    Nancy Morlan

Y2T2    David Reif

Y1T2    Keith Schwingendorf

Y1T1     Orlo Shoop, chair

Y1T1    Diane Byrd, Treasurer, Trustees ex officio  

Board of Trustees Minutes          

Board of Deacons

Y1T1   Val Brock

Y1T2   Ty Cobb, co-chair

Y1T2   Dee Ellen Gibson

Y1T2    Sue Eiler

Y1T1    Lynn Harshman 

Y1T1     Julia Hinds

Y2T2    Beverly Schwartz, co-chair

Y2T1    Lisa Schwingendorf 

Y2T1    Vacant

Y2T1    Vacant

 Music Director, staff liaison

 Board of Deacons Minutes 

Board of Christian Education

Y1T2    Kourtney Jeffries

Y1T1     Rita Schultz

Y1T2    Lora Marie Williams 

ad hoc    Tori Reece

Susan Thomasstaff liaison 

Bonnie NiemannLibrarian (ex officio)

CE Board Minutes


Board of Missions

Y2T1    Darlene Adkins

Y1T2    Stacey Brittsan (chair)

Y2T1   Chevy Nichols

Y1T2    Scottie Pouliot 

Y2T2    Barb Reif

ad hoc  Pauline Shen 

 Board of Missions Minutes

Endowment Fund Board

Y3T2    Ed Eiler

Y3T1    Pam Grenard

Y3T1    Sarah Rawlings

Y3T1   Vacant

Y1T1    Rita Schultz

Y1T1   Vacant

Kay HuntTreasurer (non-voting) 

Interim Senior Ministerex officio 

Lynnette Biviano, Council ex officio

Orlo Shoop, Trustees ex officio 

Endowment Fund Board Minutes

Endowment Bylaws 

Endowment 1986 Draft Brochure

Nominating Committee

2020    Lynnette Biviano, Chair

Y1T1     Scottie Pouilot

Y2T1    Lora Marie Williams 

Additional Nominating Committee members appointed by the President, pursuant to the Bylaws:

2020    TBD

2020    TBD

Nominating Committee Minutes


Governance and Policies

1948 Articles of Federation    

1950 Articles of Incorporation  

1964 Constitution    

July 2018 Bylaws as amended 

Congregational Council Personnel Policies  (Feb 2015)

Board Policies (one document): 

Trustees (Sept 1995 p1 – 25)

CE Board (p25 – 30, Apr 1995)

Deacons (p30-31, Dec 1993)

Executive Council (p31, Dec 1993)

Council of Elders / Board of Missions  (p31- 38, Sept 1994)

Donation Policy Framework (Nov 2014) 

Congregational Meeting Minutes

Hope Partnership reference documents (April 2017): 

PDF (Paper copies of PowerPoint Presentation) PowerPoint Presentation