Journey with John

If you were shipwrecked on some deserted island, what would you be sure you took with you?  Of course, there are a multitude of possible responses – adequate food and water, some good books to read, some sturdy shoes, a cell phone with good reception, a rowboat for escape and on and on goes the list.  I discovered just a week ago that if I was shipwrecked, I’d want a promise I could trust – like the one we used at VBS, JESUS RESCUES.  That knowledge would be key for my survival.  Along with that life-giving promise, I’d also take along 50 kids who see life as a great adventure filled with possibilities.  Also, I’d want some 30 volunteers who are creative, dedicated, compassionate and faithful.  That makes a shipwreck worthwhile!

What a joy it was to be shipwrecked for a week with 50 truly delightful and loving kids!  I was secluded to the Island of Bible Discovery where each day I told a Bible story that lifted up the truth that Jesus rescues!  Each day we had a special Bible story to assist us in finding wholeness.  On Day One, we talked about how lonely and lost we’d feel if we were shipwrecked.  We learned about a woman with a lost coin, a shepherd with a lost sheep, and a father with a lost son.  All were lonely, isolated and seemingly forgotten, but one would come to search for them till they were found.  The lonely are restored through Jesus.  Day Two introduced us to the fact we all struggle with things that isolate, frighten, and threaten us.  Through the story of Jesus praying in the Garden, we realize even Jesus struggled, but through fervent prayer and quiet communion with God, Jesus found peace.  On Day Three, we found ourselves shipwrecked at the Cross with Jesus looking out over the world and crying, “Father, forgive them….”  And we were set free.  Day Four taught us that when we feel powerless, Jesus rescues.  We studied the healing story found in Acts 3 of the lame man made whole by Peter.  In the moments we feel we have no power, we are strengthened by the healing power of Jesus’ love….  Some pretty life-saving stories fed us each night…

And then, there were all those marvelous volunteers – leading music, doing skits and teaching lessons, fixing treats, creating art, energizing bodies, teaching through videos, just walking and being with the kids, living the Word!  All in all, being shipwrecked was a pretty wonderful event!  THANKS, kids and volunteers for teaching me that Jesus rescues!



Pastor John