The Women’s Build home for our local Habitat for Humanity this year is in memory of Leta Kelly.  Several women have contacted me and said they received a flyer during the winter months, and they were rarin’ to help, well now… IT’s TIME.

In years past, we have formed a team and helped build in the summer. Our last outing was in June 2018.Not all jobs are physical labor, though you have to be 18 years of age to help on the job site. There are other tasks, like preparing lunch on the days our team works.

The groundbreaking is on June 8. Our commitment will be for one day, sometime during a Tuesday-Saturday 8am-4pm-ish timeframe. Who knows what task they will assign us? In 2018, we put up siding and installed installation. This is an accelerated build, meaning it starts in June and will finish in August. The house is located on Poland Hill Road. As a minimum for each woman (or man) registered on our team, we need to raise $250. The total cost of a house is $100K and that includes the land, the house, the sweat equity of the family, and a whole lot more. If you are interested, please contact Pauline Shen via