Journey with John

It comes so quickly, this gift of a new year.  God lays before us adventures yet to be written and journeys to places still unknown.  What does God expect us to become in this new year ahead?  It is such a humbling experience to anticipate what could be as we walk with God through 2019.  Such rich opportunities await.  As I think about the new days ahead and how God is calling me, I find myself praying for courage and compassion to:

… Be a person of faith who calls on the truth of the Gospel to be my daily guide….

… Persist in clearing my heart of things that cause me to put up walls and not bridges….

… Change my prejudices and eliminate my judgments of those who appear different….

… Cultivate an inviting spirit and loving heart to those I am inclined to avoid….

… Go beyond mere acceptance into meaningful relationship with people of diversity….

… Become a voice for those who have no power to speak or energy to try….

… Make compassionate decisions about how I use the rich resources God has given….

… Learn how to provide “safe space” where people can talk freely without fear….

… Refuse to let me be sucked into thoughts of revenge when someone hurts my ego….

… Be grateful for all I have received and never look with envy at what is not mine to have…

… Recognize my shortcomings and see them as opportunities to grow and become….

… Choose to be a caring presence in the lives of those I encounter day by day….

… Keep looking with hope to Christ, the One that fixes the brokenness of humanity….

… Let go of my stubborn opinions to embrace the evolving love of Christ in all things….

… Stand firmly on the foundation of prayer, and let compassion rule my life….

What a miracle of trust is found in a new year.  God gives us rich opportunities to do more than we thought we could.  My list humbles and excites me.  I am humbled because I will not be able to complete it before this new year is gone.  I am excited to think that God believes enough in me to lay these responsibilities before me.  I pray for courage and compassion to make the best possible use of the year 2019.  The work is daunting, for God asks a lot.  The time – such a precious gift – will go too quickly…. Lord, Jesus, help us in this new year to open ourselves to your calling and may we fill each day with faithful responses to your confidence in us.  May 2019 be a year of great growth and possibilities for you.  Thank you, Lord, for the gift of time.



Pastor John