A Journey with John

The palms have been waved.  The Alleluias sung.  The large crowds have come and gone.  The Easter victory has been proclaimed throughout the world once more.  We are a resurrection people!  And now comes the fun part – making our lives new as we look for and find the risen Christ in our day-to-day living.  A favorite book when I was growing up was “The Robe” by Lloyd C. Douglas.  In that novel, there’s a scene where a follower of Jesus stops with his friends along a road for a meal.  The character looks up and down the road in all directions.  He seems preoccupied as he searches first one way and then another.  When asked what he’s watching for, he replies it is not a “what” but a “who.”  He says that wherever he goes, whatever time of day or night, he looks hopefully, expectantly for the risen Christ to come.  He wants to be prepared to meet his Lord.  Now, that is an Easter faith!

What a marvelous way to live out one’s life – seeking the resurrected Christ around every curve we face.  You start to see life through new eyes as you look for that One who has the key to abundant living.  Transformation comes as you see evidence of the living Christ in those you encounter along life’s path.  Our Savior is all around, singing of new life.  Jesus appears to us in so many unexpected and life giving ways.  For instance, have you ever been with a child as she learns to do something new?  Taking a first step, saying her first prayer?  In the wonder of those moments when the unknown is suddenly known, you witness the power of the risen Christ.  In the delighted, infectious giggle a child has over the simplest things, the living Jesus comes….  What about those extraordinary men and women who have been teachers and mentors?  In their determination to expand your mind with knowledge, they bring you face-to-face with a Lord of wisdom….  What about those people who volunteer for hospice care for the dying and those who help build homes for Habitat and those who aid victims of tornadoes?  In their selfless service, we meet a healing Christ.  Of course, the reason for their loving assistance is that they have seen the living Jesus in someone else….  What about families gathered around a hospital bed, praying no longer for health, but a gentle entry into death?  Their love is a selfless one that reflects the very image of Jesus risen from the grave….  The list goes on and on.  When you start looking for the resurrected Lord in ALL situations, in ALL people, you can’t help but find him!  Life is never the same again for us who have seen!  Where are you looking?  Where are you finding the risen Christ?  Oh, Easter people, ENJOY your Search!


Pastor John