Journey with John

In John Masefield’s play, “The Trial of Jesus,” the Centurion in charge of the execution reports to Pilate about the crucifixion of Jesus.  After his official report, Pilate’s wife asks the soldier for details on how the prisoner Jesus died.  Once the gruesome account is given, she asks, “Do you believe he is dead?”  The Centurion answers quickly, “No, my lady, I do not.”  “Then, where is he?”  The Centurion chooses his words carefully, “Let loose in the world, where no one can stop his truth….”

What a powerful way to understand the mystery and wonder of the resurrection of our Lord.  Jesus is “let loose in the world” with a truth that is liberating and transforming.  Even the power of death cannot hold the saving truth Jesus bears.  Oh, we work so hard to place that truth in a cold, dark grave, some say to protect it, but is it so we might forget?  We try to roll the stone back into place at the tomb, so no one has access, but Christ is “let loose in the world” with a truth that finds and fills the empty places of the human heart.  We’ve tried to keep Jesus dead and buried with our wars and rumors of war. Humankind has literally fought to keep Christ in the tomb as we have fed our prejudice and silenced our conscience.  People have tried to bury the Good News through acts of violence and hate.  We have attempted to suppress God’s truth with the deceptive satisfaction that can be found in material wealth….  BUT, it has not succeeded, for Christ is “let loose in the world….”

So where do we find this resurrected Christ with his liberating truth?  He is found in the wisdom that brings enemies around the table to learn what it takes to live in peace.  One day, we will discover the truth of Jesus’ teaching on how to live as one and there will be a blessed reconciliation.  Jesus is “let loose in the world” to bring peace….  The truth of Jesus becomes clear as we see the ignorance of our prejudice that causes us to judge other human beings.  Jesus’ truth becomes real as we recognize that every person is a child of God – beloved and cherished.  Jesus is “let loose in the world” showing the power of acceptance….  The truth of Jesus shines out to embrace another in love.  Jesus is “Let loose in the world” to bring us to wholeness….  The truth of Jesus helps us understand that the riches of the world are temporary.  It is the priceless, eternal grace of God that we need to seek for our lives.  Jesus is “let loose in the world” to show us the value of the Holy….  Easter is here!  Christ is let loose in the world where no one can stop his truth!  Christ is risen, again!  And, we are made free!  Hallelujah!


Pastor John