An e-mail was forwarded to us from Rick Spleth, the Disciples Regional Minister based in Indianapolis, regarding the surge in COVID-19 infections and the positivity rate in various counties. Rick’s suggestion was for all churches to review their protocols and procedures in addressing this surge, including, but not limited to, canceling in-person church services until the positivity rate drops below recommended levels. It has been suggested the church return to on-line services only for the foreseeable future or until it is determined our county’s positivity rate is back to below recommended rates. The Federated Church leadership has concluded that beginning Sunday, November 22nd, the Sunday church service will be live streamed and church leadership will not recommend individuals attend in person. Any future meetings other than church services may be held virtually. We will continue to monitor this situation and stay in touch with the Tippecanoe County health department for specific guidance and will continue to update you, the congregation. The church leadership felt this move was necessary out of an abundance of caution in attempting to keep everyone safe.”

Respectfully submitted,

Gerald W. Thomas
President, Federated Church