Peace be with you friends of Federated Church! I continue to hold you in prayer and hope you are well, healthy and safe. In our time of unplanned retreat, I pray you’ve found God’s peace and are content. We have so much to be grateful for in our lives. I am grateful for each one of you!

As our community, state, and nation are lifting some of the restrictions on activities, we at Federated will continue to practice safe distancing and will not meet for worship or other large group activities for a few more weeks. Following the recommendations of our leaders in the American Baptist Church and the Disciples of Christ Church, we continue to put safety first. Our hope is that we will return on Sunday, May 31, the day of Pentecost and the birthday of the church.  What a great day that will be! Until then, thank you for your cooperation and support in not meeting face to face, but remaining ever present together in the Lord. As difficult as it is to remain in our homes, we are literally saving lives! Thank you. 
When we do return, we will follow some new guidelines that are being designed by our staff and leaders for your safety and protection. So, we will need to do some things differently when we gather again. We will change our physical expressions of affection, but nothing can stop our love! You will be hearing more about safety measures we will be taking with regard to cleaning and sterilizing the church building, changes in how we receive our offering and share the Lord’s Supper among other things. We will keep you informed. We are working to make Federated a safe place for everyone’s health, as well as continuing to meet the spiritual needs of one another. Your continued cooperation is so deeply appreciated. Watch for more information in the next week or so.
While I’ve spent considerable time here at the church, I have also been truly blessed to be at home more than I have for a long time. I am aware more than ever how much I value my home and my wife who brings me such joy. Also, in this time, I have had an opportunity to grow closer to the Lord of Life through prayer, meditation, and the quiet. There is a song we used to sing in our evening service in Tacoma that keeps filling my mind and heart. It brings me peace. It’s called, “Be My Home,” written by Handt Hanson and Paul Murakami. The words sing:

Be my savior; be my heart’s delight.
Be my vision; be my guiding light.
Storms may press against me, threaten to prevail.
Be my refuge; be my shelter from the storm.
Be my love that keeps me warm;
Be my savior, be my light; be my home…

More and more I am learning that Christ is my home and brings contentment. May joy fill your lives even in the midst of change. God’s kindest blessings be with you all.

   Pastor John