Greetings, Federated Friends!  Our isolation continues. What hard times these are, but how important it is to follow the recommendations of our medical experts. Instructions are pretty easy to follow – wash hands, keep distance between other people, and stay home. I would add that – we pray!  We can do that and we can stay connected and absorbed in each other’s lives.  I have been taking a page from our church directory each day and pray for all that are pictured there. As I pray, I think of you individually and enjoy you with me in conversation and prayer. It has been an enriching experience. Also, on Sunday morning as we live stream our worship, I look out at the sanctuary and in my mind envision you in your proper places. My heart is warmed as I think of you and pray for your safety and protection. As I remember you in prayer, I am comforted knowing that we are tied together in the love of God that never ends nor quits. That knowledge strengthens and calms me. May you feel that deep, deep love of God in every moment of time.  How loved and cared for you are!  Let us pray….
Loving God, what difficult times these are!  As we stay safe in our homes, we are conscious of those courageous men and women who remain hard at work on our behalf. We are grateful for all medical personnel, grocery store employees, firefighters, ambulance drivers, police, and the list goes on and on. We are humbled and blessed by their deep commitment to keep us all safer and we pray for their welfare. We pray for each other and long for that time we can meet again. 
And, we are thankful for this time of “forced” isolation. Help us to use the time wisely – to reestablish deep ties with our family, to give thanks for the blessings of the human community, to rest and refresh our bodies and spirits through meaningful prayer and meditation, to reinforce and strengthen our connection to You.  Bring a sense of peace to all, that this sad time will pass and we will move into a new day of resurrected living. You are our comfort and hope.  Feed us, nourish us, empower us to remain people of faith and strength. We rest in your loving arms and sit at the feet of our saving Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.

I continue to have great concern for each one of you. If you are in need of help of any sort, don’t hesitate to call me (253-683-1945). There are loving people who have volunteered to help meet special needs. You are important!  May you experience a renewed closeness to God and a peace that passes all understanding. Blessings and love to you all.

Love In Christ,

Pastor John