Dear Federated Family:
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! In times of worry and fear, we turn to Christ for peace and assurance. The current pandemic is one of those times. We rely on rational thought to follow practical instructions on how to avoid the COVID 19 virus – wash hands, social distancing, etc. We also call on our faith to protect one another. Our first thought is to be certain we are not carriers of the virus to others.
So, in response to the wise counsel of the CDC and our religious leaders, Federated Church will suspend ALL activities at our building site through March 31st. At that time, we will reassess the climate and inform you of our next course of action. We will not meet together for worship, but our services will be stream-lined on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Directions to watch online are posted below. If you need access to the building for some reason, please call ahead of time to make sure someone is here and the doors are unlocked.
After thoughtful discussion and faithful prayer, our staff unanimously agreed the faithful thing to do to keep everyone protected is to suspend our activities. We encourage all to stay home and practice safety tips from the CDC. Take time to relax with family, be in prayer and meditation, read, take a moment to send a word of encouragement to someone you care about. If you know of someone without email or access to social media, please call them with a word of hopeful encouragement and share information about Federated Church. There are a number of ways to serve even in a time of isolation. Offer assistance to your neighbors, especially those at high risk. Cook extra and take some to an older person as a sign of your love and concern. Be creative!
This is new territory for EVERYONE!  Let’s make it as positive an experience as we can. Be hope-filled and love-motivated. Be earnest in prayer for a cure for the virus and peace for the human heart. Take some time in this Lenten Season to connect with our Savior. Please contact me or other staff members if you have special needs. If you are willing to volunteer to help others, let us know as well. May we soon be able to be together actively serving in Christ’s name. All of you are being lovingly held in prayer. May you know God’s love and peace.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor John and Federated Staff