The other day my watch stopped running. There were no red flags, no warnings, no reminders. It just quit working. It was a bit annoying. I depend on it to get me places on time. It was a no-brainer to assume the demise of my timepiece was caused by a dead battery. I couldn’t replace it on my own, so I went to a local jeweler who had the expertise to resuscitate my ailing time keeper. It was revived within minutes as if nothing had been wrong. It was a bit amazing how easily it’s life was renewed…My cell phone is a little kinder in letting me know when recharging is in order. There are little messages warning me. On occasion, I’ve neglected to heed the notice and my phone has gone dead. Revival comes as I plug it in to an energy source. It’s not long before it’s working on my behalf again. Rather remarkable actually…My car is always running low on gas and needs refilling. I know that if there is no gas, I pass on being mobile, so I fill it up to travel the distance once more. Extraordinary…Well, maybe not so much – ALL things need recharging, rest, and renewal to keep going as designed. The human soul is no exception.

There are times when I get too busy or too tired or too depressed to recharge, and my soul goes dormant. I run on auto-pilot, ignoring the warnings. It’s silly to let my spirit’s energy deplete for there are so many ways that God offers revival I just need to plug in to the right source and be filled. Here are some of the things that renew my spirit: a good long laugh…a child’s hug (they never hold back!)…my wife’s smile…lunch with our members at Westminster (I just came from being with them – so refreshed!)…ice cream (any time!)…sleep…music – singing or listening…the wonder of God’s creation found in nature…reading…fellowship with friends…The list is endless and each one revives me in different ways and to different degrees. There is one activity that is always a source of renewal, recharging, refueling – it is the gift of WORSHIP…

First, I am always energized by the joy, commitment, faithfulness that YOU bring to this blessed event each week. In the music and the quiet moments of prayer, you lift me up from the pain of the world to the fullness of God’s presence. In your love for Christ, I am able to see the Light of the World and find relief. I am refreshed by the Spirit of God that is present in this holy act of giving ourselves to God and each other. After worship, I have new energy to go into a broken world with a sense of hopeful purpose. I need worship. It revives me, recharges me, resurrects me to live in Christ! In Him, my soul is forever charged! My battery keeps on going and going…Thanks be to God!


Pastor John