Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect in your worship services?
  • We don’t expect you to dress up. As a group we are not overly formal. You will see folks there in shorts and T-shirts, suits and ties, dresses and jeans.
  • You can sit on the main floor of the sanctuary or in the balcony. We have padded pews. If you have little ones, you are welcome to bring them into worship or take them up to the nursery attendant (upper floor, on the right as you go down the hall).
  • We often have a member of the congregation lead parts of the readings and give some thoughts on the offering (collection of donations).
    • You don’t have to put anything in the offering plate as it is passed. You’ll notice a number of people don’t because we have online giving and some folks donate once a month when they are paid. You are welcome, however to contribute. We have some special offerings like our benevolence fund as well as “regular” offerings.
  • We often use our hymnals and paper bulletin for call-and-response readings, songs and to let us know where we are in the order of worship. You will also find a lot of announcements about other opportunities for learning and service.
  • Our preaching pastor often wears a robe, but it is to remind all of us that this is something important and to open our ears to what God has to say.
  • Our Family Choir and others bring all kinds and styles of music to worship. The majority of our hymns are with an organ or piano accompaniment.
  • We have Communion, also known as the Lord’s Supper, at least once a month, usually on the first Sunday.
    • Though we are affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) which is known for weekly communion, we are also affiliated with the American Baptist denomination. As part of the founding of our federated congregation, our forebears chose to practice communion monthly.
What are your requirements for membership?
  • You do not have to be a member to join in our activities and worship, but know you are welcome.
  • We accept transfers of membership from other churches as well as confessions of new faith.
  • If you believe in Jesus Christ as savior, you are welcome.
  • If you are seeking and not sure you believe, you are welcome.
  • We practice immersion baptism but if you were baptized as an infant, you are welcome.
  • If you want to be re-baptized as a new start, you are welcome. Just talk to a pastor about getting that done.

If you aren’t comfortable coming forward during the end of the worship service to join, see a pastor to talk about your options.

What is Federated Church?
  • Welcome to sacred space! What makes this moment holy is not that you are reading about a community of faith or entertaining religious thoughts. What makes this and every other aspect of your life sacred is that you are sharing it with God. Federated Church exists to help anyone and everyone live out this truth. ¬†Toward this end we seek to be four things to all:
    • A place where you can gather with others in worship.
    • A place where you can learn to imitate Jesus Christ.
    • A place where you can discover and embrace your Spirit-fueled mission and ministry.
    • A place where you can have your relationship with God enhanced as you relate to authentic companions.
  • Explore this website or contact us directly to learn about how our church family can enhance your sense of the sacred.