Care Ministries

Federated Care Ministries holds that health is not the absence of disease, but a holistic way of being that embraces life to the fullest including the pursuit of a healthy spiritual life and connection to God.

Care Ministries

Federated Care Ministries holds that health is not the absence of disease, but a holistic way of being that embraces life to the fullest including the pursuit of a healthy spiritual life and connection to God. As faith companions we seek to integrate the faith and health of the congregation to promote optimal physical, spiritual and mental well being.

Care Council
Delivering the Right Form of Care to the Right Person at the Right Time Every Time is the mission of Federated's Care Council.  Toward that end, it oversees and coordinates all pastoral care offered by Federated Church.  This group meets regularly to discern how best to keep faith with those having pastoral care needs by addressing the following:

Intake.  Collect & triage (mind, body, spirit) potential care needs.  The reports submitted to the church office by shepherds (see Shepherding System, below) are one of the primary means by which the Care Council keeps abreast of needs and coordinates responses.

Planning.  Once a need is discerned, a response is required.  The Care Council, having taken into consideration all available resources, assembles these responses into care plans.  The ministries that our Care Council may consider utilizing are listed below under Client Ministries.

Relay.  Care plans are passed on to care providers and client ministries so that they may carry out their part of a care plan.

Review.  Needs change and so care plans must change too.  The Care Council adjusts care plans in light of developments and relays any modifications to individual care providers and client ministries.

Operational Development. Sometimes an individual need is an expression of a larger trend.  In such cases, the Care Council partners with other boards and councils to develop ministries to respond to care needs.

Doctrine Crafting.  Wisdom is distilled from experience.  The Care Council reviews our pastoral care experiences and formulates policies to guide our care ministry.

Client Ministries
Our Care Council draws on the resources provided by the following Client Ministries:

Shepherding System
At Federated, those who seek to enact this special understanding of faith are arranged in a system, hence the name Shepherding System.  The system first seeks to bring lovers of God into regular contact with a manageable number of people with whom they may share God's love.  Secondly, the system is arranged so that everyone associated with Federated Church has access to and benefits from a relationship with someone who wishes to share God's love.

Federated Media Ministry
Those who are unable to attend our services and gatherings may feel isolated or even estranged from our church family.  By preparing and delivering video and/or audio copies of what takes place at the church, the Media Ministry keeps the homebound feeling connected to our family.

Transportation Ministry
Maintaining and driving the church van is another way by which we overcome barriers to relationship.  This ministry is overseen by our Board of Deacons.

Grief Recovery Continuum
Funerals are only the first step in recovering from the grief of loss.  Regular contact is maintained with survivors so as to share the caring presence of our church family.

CARRIE Shawl Program
The Christ's Arms Round Reaching & Including Everyone Shawl Ministry takes its name from Carrie Cochran, a young woman who, in her struggle with cancer, raised awareness of God's abiding presence. Through the CARRIE program, volunteers knit or crochet shawls and lap blankets that are then publicly blessed and presented to individuals needing a tangible reminder of God's spirit.

First Responders Program
Federated has been blessed with a large number of health care providers who have volunteered to share their skills in case of an emergency that might take place on site.  This group also has assumed responsibility for restocking all first aid kits.

Outside Communion
Each month the Deacons deliver communion to sick and/or homebound individuals who were not able to gather with us around the Lord's Table.

Individual Care Task Forces
The Care Council establishes Care Task Forces to manage the congregation's response to situations of an acute or chronic nature.

Prayer Chain
The Prayer Chain is composed of individuals who have volunteered to offer intercessory prayer on behalf of those who request it.  Caring friends are always available to pray with and for you.  All prayer requests are handled with the utmost discretion.  You may share a prayer concern via email or by calling (765) 714-5153.

Local Care Partners
A local care partner is an individual or organization that has at its disposal resources that would benefit those in need.  By working with Lafayette Urban Ministry, Family Services or local medical providers, the Care Council is able to provide the highest level of care.